DENAS, DiaDENS and COSMO are advanced SCENAR & Microcurrent instruments that balance body voltage,chakras, promote beauty, healing and eliminate pain.
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JPA is a Primary USA Representative and Distributor for the firm, DENAS MS Corporation, located in Yekaterinburg Russia. We provide direct-to-consumer sales and support services in the United States. We promote, stock and sell several models of biofeedback devices called "DENAS" and "DiaDENS" systems from our offices here in southern California. JPA offers these new systems at affordable low prices with shipping usually within 24 work-day hours to the public primarily through Internet sales at We are enthusiastic about this new DENS technology and wish to share the experience of health recovery and amazing pain relief that biofeedback and mild electro-stimulation have to offer.

Today's advanced biofeedback
systems are ultra-hi-tech scientifically produced instruments that use sophisticated biofeedback techniques employing a new type of "Virtual-Medicine" technology. The finest cost-effective, scientifically enhanced biofeedback, Microcurrent devices turn out to be DENAS/DiaDENS (DENS) devices. Note that, although the name, "DENS Instrument" is similar to "TENS Unit" the scientific principles used are entirely different.  DENAS and DiaDENS (DENS instruments), as well as ZooDENS, help you normalize your body voltage, advance your healing to help bring you good health.  Yet, DENS instruments are the easiest to operate and are the most beneficial while being the most affordable in the industry!

are today's advanced Microcurrent versions of SCENAR®** biofeedback apparatus that were originally produced in the 70s by Russian medical organizations. They were initially designed and intended for cosmonauts' use.  The original term, SCENAR ® **, is an acronym for the expression "Self-Controlled Energo Neuro Adaptive Regulator".  These battery operated devices are extraordinarily effective.  In typical cases you simply turn it on, press a button to determine the strength you want, then apply the electrodes to the body.  The new DiaDENS models have an additional button to adjust the frequency to match a specific ailment that you want treated.  In most cases it takes about 5 minutes to begin to feel relief, (or the treatment's beneficial effect).  Biofeedback functions are automatic.

For further information
, review the history of biofeedback devices in the book "Virtual Medicine" by Prof. Keith Scott-Mumby, MD. Dr. Mumby's website also provides a wonderfully objective view of many electronic systems(CLICK HERE to Visit Dr. Mumby's Website). In a recent "Coast to Coast AM" radio talk show Dr. Mumby discusses the benefits of these instruments.  CLICK HERE to listen to an excerpt of that broadcast (via your Windows Media Player).  In England, the popular "Terry and Gaby" TV program broadcasted a 5 minute segment regarding a biofeedback testimonial that you can watch via your Windows Media Player when you CLICK HERE.

* FREE with the first-time-retail-purchase of any DENAS or DiaDENS device from this website, JPA will include as a FREE-BONUS, a 2 hour long DENAS Training DVD.

It is Important
to Note that in Russia today, DENS-Therapy is a part of the mainstream medicine and it is registered by the Russian Ministry of Health as an official independent method of treatment. It is taught in medical colleges as a separate discipline and may be pursued by students as a major professional specialization.

There is often
no need to suffer from pain, soreness, out of balance body voltage, acute distension, distress, or almost any superficial infliction, illness, ailment, major pathology or physical disorder.  Painful arthritis and osteoporosis can be of the past for you.  JPA offers the DENS family of DENAS and DiaDENS devices that can assist you to alleviate much suffering. This can be accomplished in a manner consistent with holistic practices and alternative medicine philosophies. DENS-therapy can help you relax, balance organic voltage and help to bring our your facial skin's natural beauty with the COSMO system.  Additionally, a DENAS or DiaDENS instrument can help alleviate conditions such as an aching backache, muscular pains, caused by overwork and  activity as well as many internal related pathologies.  Most sports-medicine therapeutic and beautifying practices are greatly enhanced by DENS and COSMO therapies.

Using a DENS device
can help you eliminate much discomfort and possible anguish caused by an illness, internal or external trauma or just plain feeling sick.  Each DENAS, DiaDENS or COSMO based treatment normally can be self-administered by a patient on themselves.  Often, it is preferable that a patient be assisted by a healthcare provider, a friend or relative.  Outside assistance is usually recommended when dealing with serious problems such as lumbago and other spinal related pathologies. 

Difficult-to-reach or intensely painful areas,
such as the upper back, lumbar, or various acupuncture regions, may require someone to help.  For those that are not able to secure someone to assist them, JPA offers a number of accessories as: a DENS-Brush & Electrode set, DENS-Glasses, DENS-Applicator Pads, and DENS-Pointer Probes to make self-servicing as simple as possible.  Such DENS-support accessories are available on our "Products" page

When ordinary
medical remedies which involve drugs or pharmaceutical  medicines fail you and cause new problems, it may be time for you to consider this new "space-age" solution.  Additionally, when you discover that pharmaceutical and so-called methods of prevention are not really helping to correct the cause of your ailment, you may want try a new and different method.   That "new method" is actually tried-and-true and proven effective throughout Europe, Australia and Russia.  That method is DENS-therapy.  DENS-therapy is really effective and may be an excellent solution to help you resolve problems with your ailment.  DENS-therapy provides a solution that is a hi-tech, "Star Trek" type of therapy, a much less invasive solution.
Each of the models
of the DENS instruments, DENAS, DiaDENS and COSMO, produce delicate properly balanced therapeutic signals that communicate a "need for healing" to your normal human brain that invokes your immune system to address the proper troubled area in your body.  Your brain and immune system, in turn, produces the necessary energy to naturally address the disease and promptly start a healing process.  The only thing you will feel is a slight sensation caused by the DENS device.  In short, properly using a DENS device may bring you wonderful relief and to a healthy state of strength, beauty and wellness.

Biofeedback, via the DENAS and DiaDENS instruments, invokes your natural immune system.  The instrument, and your own physical biofeedback, instructs the apparatus to generate a signal that will be appropriate for dealing with your physical areas of distress.  As a result, your physical system will quickly provide normal spontaneous healing energy to help reduce, or eliminate, your painful infliction or hurt, and to begin natural healing.

The Beauty
of DENS-therapy invoked healing is that it is natural and without the adverse side-effects of many pharmaceutical  medicines.  DENS-therapy actually accelerates and enhances the normal healing functions of the human body.  This is done in harmony with most other normal methods of treatment such as the modern integrative medicine practices.  These methods of treatment include chelation therapy, massage, homeopathy, therapeutic physical culture, oral and intravenously administered vitamin therapy, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, as well as many allopathic medicine protocols.  Almost any medicamental therapy is more effective if you add DENS-therapy to it.

JPA has no affiliation or monetary association with the RITM Corporation or Kosmed International, the owners of the registered trademark "SCENAR ®".  Nor does JPA have any affiliation or monetary association with Dr. Jerry Tennant or the Senergy Medical Group owners of the Registered trademark "Biomodulator®".

Important Information: The information provided in this presentation is intended for your general knowledge only and is not a substitute for professional medical advice or treatment for specific medical conditions. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health care provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. The information on this document is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Never disregard medical advice or delay in seeking it because of something you have read herein.

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